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Having visited the website and to satisfy my curiosity I went there over the last Saturday. Honestly, I didn't expect as much but when I went their tasted the food they served me it was really wow. Believe it or not, the next day (Sunday) I was there again. So far I tried four kinds of food (in just two days) and all I found was something that made me say it is simply WOW and I really mean WOW! Go and see for yourselves.

Samuel A , Addis Ababa ,
Reviewed January 5, 2012

Love their vegetarian pizzas. The only thing better is the bitter chocolate mousse!

econometricsquant Tyler, Texas

I love Antica. It is always a frequent part of my bi-annual visits to Addis / Ethiopia. More than likely because it comes the closest to replicating that "home" feeling from food when I am in Ethiopia. I never have concern over getting some kind of food poisoning or stomach bug when I eat at Antica, AND the food is just good overall! 

I always order pizza when I come here, and my favorite is the Mexican Chili pizza. It's fun to be able to watch them fire the pizzas next to your table in their very cool brick oven, and the pizza itself is always very good. I really enjoy the style of crust they make their pizzas with. Not too thin, but also not close to thick or "deep dish". It is just right. 

I usually order a side of olive oil to eat the pizza crust with, and it always tastes great. 

Highly recommended! They have just remodeled and done a great job. The atmosphere is very quaint, quiet and cozy (especially on rainy-season afternoons with that brick oven fired up!)


Washington DC, District of Columbia

Went here with some expat and diaspora friends who happen to know the owner -- she joined us for dinner and is a lovely lady. We sat out on the patio, under some flowers, which on the nice Addis night was a great setting. One of our party had a plane to catch, and they rushed out his food for him so he could make his flight. I had the pizza alla diavola, which is admittedly hard to mess up but was the best pizza I've had in town. I also had a bite of one of the pasta dishes, which was good, and the chocolate mousse was excellent. The service was great, and it was great to head down to the basement to hear some live music afterwards. I recommend Antica!


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